I am a 3D modeler who is very committed to creating the best and the most believable realistic and stylized hard surface and environmental models. Even though I specialize in 3D modeling, I am also skilled in various art medium and digital art programs. I started my art life with studio art learning elements of design and composition using various mediums such as clay, graphite, oil and acrylic paint, ink, found objects, and digital formats. I am very meticulous in my 3D models, I believe the more detailed a work is, the more believable it is. I love being challenged to create 3D models, and the research that comes with it. My inspiration to create comes from my life of travelling and being from another country, I have experience different cultures and people. All these experiences helped me to expand my views of life and helped me become a better creator. I enjoy working in the digital medium and creating works that viewers would love and be inspired themselves to create.